A Puppy, Please!

I just came across this photograph. A few years ago our family was in negotiations for a puppy.  My husband had mentioned this family feud to a client.  

Our daughter, wrote and mailed the following note to the client;

Dear Mr. Esptein,

Thank you for telling my dad he should buy me a dog.  It is starting to work.


Randi Burks

Blue Ice on Lake Huron

I have never seen anything like this.  It seems that huge piles of blue ice are a phenomena that can happen in the Great Lakes, on occasion.  We found this formation off of a sandy shore of Lake Huron near Cheboygan Michigan State Park.  It was beautiful.  I begged my family (and one of Lizzy’s friends from college) not to climb on it.   They all poo-poohed me and had a great time while I fussed and worried.  
I was literally sick to my stomach watching them climb over the huge sharp shards of ice.  But, obviously, that didn't stop me from shooting a few pictures with my tired old Canon pocket camera.
As you can see in the photos, everyone is safe but I have read several articles since that warn about the danger of falling through a pile of this sharp ice.  I am not one to contain my anxiety to what could happen.  I let my anxiety run free and wild with Googlie thoughts of what could have happened, also. 
So today, my husband and I were telling a friend about the blue ice phenomena.  He grew up near Lake Michigan and has seen blue ice.  He added, "Yeah, every now and then some idiot would get seriously hurt climbing around on the piles.  It is very dangerous."
Uh.  Huh.